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Cask Rums (Bulk Rum)

This is the original of all Belfast Rums. Cask Rum is mixable with many Dominican unique herbs and spices in creating your own unique blend; and can be enjoyed with the best of company. Cask Rum is carefully blended with aged alcohols, filtrated and placed in Oak Cask to create this blend. Use as a base for your favorite rum punches.

  • Available in 40 gal Oak Cask
cask bulk rum

Soca Rums

Soca Light (40% ALC/VOL)

Soca Rum is the most mixable of all of Belfast Estate’s Rums. Soca Rum also begins as a blend of specially selected aged alcohols. This blend is placed in vats and passes through a charcoal filtration system to achieve its uniqueness and smoothness. Enjoy Soca Rum with your favorite fruit juices or with Coconut Water – Dominican’s latest trend.

  • Available in 12×750mL, 48×250 mL, Miniatures
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Soca Gold (40% ALC/VOL)

Beginning with specially selected aged alcohols and other ingredients, this blend is allowed to rest in oak barrels. This process delivers a surprisingly pleasant amber-colored, woody flavored and delicious rum due in part to the marriage in the oak barrels. Soca Gold is a perfect companion to a Caribbean Sunset.

  • Available in 12×750mL
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Soca Overproof (63% ALC/VOL)

Soca Overproof is for the true rum enthusiast. This blend is a perfect mixer and companion to any cocktail which requires a strong white rum base. Uniquely blended to product specifications, this blend brings out the Spirit of Celebration.

  • Available in 12×750mL
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Rum Punch (20% ALC/VOL)

Celebrate Caribbean flavors on every pallet, as your taste buds explode with excitement from the exquisite mix of this rum Punch. Uniquely blended with ingredients from the Nature Isle, it is a perfect companion your last relaxation destination.

  • Available in 12×750mL
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Red Cap Rums (40% ALC/VOL)

Red Cap is a blend of specially selected aged alcohols combined with other ingredients which creates an unexpected, smooth and unmatched blend. This outstanding refreshing flavor can be the base of many cocktails and can be mixed with lemon-lime, or with your favorite sorrel or orange juice for a Red Cap Surprise. Red Cap delivers an extraordinary opportunity to share flavor and fun in any party or occasion.

  • Available in four sizes: 12×750mL, 48×250mL, 40×170mL, Miniatures
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Bois Bande' (BB) Spiced Rums (40% ALC/VOL)

Uniquely blended from the extract of the bark of the Richeria-Grandis (locally called Bois Bande’) with exotic Caribbean spices, this stimulating elixir is widely held for its aphrodisiac properties. Discovered deep in the woods of Dominica centuries ago by the indigenous people of the Caribbean the Americans, this finely blended rum distillation is unequalled. Experience a naturally exciting blend of this stimulating elixir.

This delicate and distinctive taste can be enjoyed straight on the rocks or in a rum punch, cocktail or with your favorite fruit. It is used in the most prestigious bars and restaurants of Dominica.

  • Available in 12×750mL, 48×250mL, Miniatures
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