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A Brief history of Belfast Estate Ltd.

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Just under a century ago, when rums were still being made in the back yards of many Dominican homes, a Lebanese immigrant produced Dominica’s first cane Rum. He simply named it Cask Rum.

The genesis of this first rum began after Mr. Elias Nassief purchased Belfast Estate, located on the West Coast of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the early 1940’s. He reactivated the abandoned and neglected estate by expanding on the Sugar cane cultivation with the intentions of converting cane juice into Rum.

Rum production continued under the guidance of Mr. Elias’s son Phillip Nassief in 1962 as he brought new insight and energy to the process of rum production. Cane was being crushed utilizing an 1800’s water mill which structure can still be seen today and years later, with a steam mill. The Mill crushed the Sugar cane and the pure cane juice was extracted. It was then processed, distilled, and to perfect the blend other ingredients and spices were added, passed through a charcoal filtration system and allowed to be aged in oak barrels to produce an unmatched blend. This unique blend was at that time the only unit being produced.

As the demand for the product grew, the company expanded its product portfolio to include its first bottled Rum product called Belfast Special. This product evolved in the mid 1960’s to be known as D-Special Rum. Two variations of the product were available – White and Dark in 750ml bottles – and later the product was also available in a 375ml Flask.

With the decline in the sugar cane industry and outsourcing of the material a limited option due to high cost, the company moved away from cane juice as its base and used molasses and, later, fermented Sugar.

Pursuing a determined strategy to expand by introducing new blends, the company in the 1970’s launched Red Cap Rum and an Egg Punch. In 1980 Soca Rum was launched as “the Spirit of Celebration.” In 1988 while Dominicans were celebrating 10 years of independence from Britain, Belfast Estates successfully launched its limited edition of a 10 year old Reunion Rum. In February 2007, the company proudly welcomed to the family of products Bois Bande’ (BB) Rum as the Indigenous people are linked to the discovery of the use of the bark of the tree (Riicheria-Grandis) locally referred to as Bois Bande. In October 2010, the Rum Punched and the Soca Over Proof were launched.

Made to the Highest Standards

Today, Rum is still being produced with the same rigid standards for quality since the company began its rum operations. Each brand is uniquely blended to product specifications and is matched with a recipe for every pallet and occasion. The company’s product portfolio includes: Cask Rum, Red Cap Rum, Soca light Rum, Soca Gold Rum, Soca Overproof Rum, Soca Rum Punch and Bois Bande’ Rum. Additionally, the company also distributes a limited amount of imported alcoholic beverages and household products. With a work force of approximately 42 employees, Belfast Estate has established a comprehensive distribution network, geared towards providing excellence in customer service at all levels. Employees are provided the opportunity for continuous training to enhance personal development and promote job satisfaction, as we strive to maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity. Belfast Estate Ltd. occupies a dominant position in a highly competitive Dominican market.

Acknowledgments of Our Rum Products

Rum is considered by many to have had its origins in the Caribbean, a history shared and embraced by the region. The enthusiasm around rum is manifested in many rum festivals around the Caribbean and the world. In 2005, Soca light Rum was ranked in the top three places in a Rum tasting competition held in Barbados. In 2007, the company’s participation in the St.Lucia’s Food & Rum Festival was overwhelming. In 2011, Bois Bande Rum emerged as the Gold award Winner in the flavoured rum category at the Rum & Beer Festival held in Barbados and in 2012 captured the Silver Award at the Grenada Rum & Beer Festival.

The company’s rums have been receiving resounding reviews from chefs, Mixologist and beverage users regionally and internationally.

As we honor our rich heritage in the spirit of celebration, we offer you the unique blends of Belfast Estate Ltd.